Dragons Are Real

a tabletop roleplaying game podcast
with Pete Jones


January 18, 2021

077: Knave

Knave is a set of rules by Ben Milton for running old school fantasy RPGs without classes. Highly compatible with OSR games, so you can use any bestiaries, adventure and spell books you already own.


January 08, 2021

076: Maze Rats

In this episode I review Maze rats by Ben Milton

Drivethru: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/197158/Maze-Rats
Froth's Humpday RPG
Podcast: http://anchor.fm/thoughteater
Blog: https://frothsofdnd.blogspot.com/
November 04, 2020

073: Liminal

Liminal is a self-contained tabletop roleplaying game about those on the boundary between the modern day United Kingdom and the Hidden World- the world of secret societies of magicians, a police division investigating Fortean crimes, fae courts, werewolf gangs, and haunted places where the walls between worlds are thin.


September 15, 2020

069: Three
Wuxia RPG's

Wuxia novels and films are a fascinating genre. I discuss three different RPG's that allow you to experience that Wuxia feel at the table top Art of Wuxia, Feng Shui 2 and Wushu