November 11, 2019

036: Aliens The
Roleplaying Game

Free League have delivered their hard copies of their Alien The Roleplaying Game, I have an overview of the items I received from the Kickstarter.

November 6, 2019

035: Dragon

Dragon Warriors was an RPG released as a set of paperback books which was a competitor to Fighting Fantasy. A traditional game that was later released as a hardback book.

October 23, 2019

033: I'm A Designer Too
(AAA Month)

In the final episode for Anchorites Appreciate Arneson month I present a set of light rules written by me. I explain how the rules work and my thoughts behind them. You can download a free copy from this website as a PDF.

October 16,2019

031: Unsung Hero
(AAA Month)

The fourth episode of Anchorites Appreciate Arneson month is to nominate your Unsung Hero for the RPG hobby, my nomination is Professor John Eric Holmes. The first person to write a readable set of rules for Dungeons and Dragons so that even beginners could learn to play.

October 13,2019

030: Ubiquity System

This is a review of the Ubiquity RPG System as used in Hollow Earth Expedition, Leagues of Adventure, All For One, Space 1889 and Desolation.

October 6,2019

028: Rules We Don't
Need No Stinking Rules

In honour of Anchorites Appreciate Arneson month we talk about a rules lite system we like. My choice is Wanton Roleplay System (WaRP) by Atlas Games used in their 1st and 2nd Editions of Over The Edge.

October 1,2019

027: That One Player
(AAA Month)

October is Anchorites Appreciate Arneson month in memory of the late Dave Arneson one of the founders of the RPG Hobby. In the first episode after a call in from Jason, I talk about that one player in the game, like Arneson was in Major Wesley's Braunstein game.

September 8,2019

024: What I've Been
Slaying Plus Free PDF

Call in from Goblin's Henchman about point crawls. I talk about some of the games I have been playing recently. One of the games I ran at my local gaming club was Fear & Fun, a Stranger Things type game that I cobbled together when our regualr GM didn't show. I have written up the rules

September 1,2019

023: Hex Crawls and
Point Crawls

The traditional wilderness mapping in OSR games is by use of the Hexcrawl. A hex grid is over-layed the map and is used for traversing the world. In this episode I offer an alternative - the Point Crawl. It holds less information than a hex map but arguably is of more use to a GM and clearer to understand.

August 7,2019

021: Alien RPG and
Some Alternatives

The Cinematic Starter Kit for the forthcoming Alien RPG by Fria League has been released to backers. If you want some more Alien type games in this episode I give you some alternatives you should check out.

July 4,2019

019: MDF Flat Miniatures
For RPGs

Flatpack Forces are now producing pre-printed colour MDF flat miniatures designed by One Monk Miniatures. I have bought some of the sets and give my thoughts on them.